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Disa: Founder and Lead Architect @EON

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 GR:  Architect /  Lead in VR  and AR Group@EON

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Jim Weiner, Architect M.arch, AIA

Principal, Collaborative Project Consulting


Experience in wide range of design and architectural works and projects, locally and internationally.

architecture and urban planning, interior, consultants, project management

EON extended

Research VR and AR department

from now to the future


Gunnar: General Manager@EON

Watching the River

SM:  Consultant at VR  and AR Group@EON

EON International collaboration

EON Extended team has been collaborating on bigger scale projects with world known international architects and studios.


Ongoing collaboration on high profile projects local & international 2017-2022





Gensler architects




Thornton Tomasetti engineering



Verkís engineering



Patrick Tighe       architecture


EON architecture




"People live in bodies, bodies live in spaces"

EON architects / EONarchitecture was established in Iceland in December 1999.  EON has from the beginning worked on various different scale projects  of all kinds mostly in Iceland and Scandinavia, everything from product design, furniture design, to interior and buildings of all types and scale, to urban planning.  Our team is flexible we have experienced architects and professionals on board and our approach  towards every project is customer tailored towards each client, to the scale and the type of the project and to the site and location.  EON  is in collaboration with strong international architects, in the UK and in USA on large projects and opportunities.

In our projects there are and have always been strong roots to environmental issues as well as to various aspects of nature and to the society. The connection to the history and to the character of a nation is important to us and is clearly visible in our projects. “Nature, environmental factors and the society in which the architect places his works, will always be one of the strongest influential factors of the work created. “

We do believe that timeless architecture is strongly influenced by its environmental and social surroundings as well as being connected with technology, it is important to us to explore as much as possible some of the latest advancements in technology and how they apply to the ever-changing world of design..

Buildings should be symbols for the times of creation. Yet it should be able to adopt into future times and generations without loosing its identity.

Our goal is to create, to stand for the design and making of architecture that makes difference to our life's, the making of quality spaces, designs that bring emotions, designs that are created for today but will last and merge into what the future holds. Architecture that is adoptable to the ever increasing speed of our times and to the ever advancing technology.

We will continue to work towards the goal that is to contribute to the ever expanding field of architecture.

EON architecture

no.3 Smáratorg, 14th floor, Kópavogur 210, Iceland

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