PHOTOALBUM, selected work2019 - work in process and inspiration.  

HELSINKI -National Museum Annex:  Competition 2019

MERGER (or acquisitions) OF FORCES - Man-made vs. nature: 2019

NEW YORK - Utopia;  Central Park Pavilion

by Disa 2019

ICELAND - structuring the Cave

by Disa 2017

ICELAND Installation@HRproject  - Inspired by Hvítserkur

by Disa 2019

ICELAND -structuring the Canyon

by Disa 2018


Ice Scraper 

by Disa 2019-21

maskME  -

EON @pandemic2020

High Rise Projects,

in process

by Disa 2019-21

Building in A Space Odyssey

LotX by Disa 2020 


EON architecture

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