EON architects:

Hledis Sveinsdóttir (Disa), MA, FAÍ.

email: disa@eon.is


Graduated with a Master degree in Architecture in 1993 from University of California (UCLA).  Since graduation Hledis has worked as an architect globally, in USA, in Europe, and in Russia.

After graduation, she worked for two years in USA, before heading to Russia where she worked for two years on her own architectural  projects in Moscow.  Hledis established EON architecture in Iceland in 1999 and has since then been the lead architect of the firm and chairman of the board.

EON architects:


Gunnar Árnason, cand oecon.

email: gunnar.arnason@eon.is


Graduated with a cand.oecon degree in business and accounting from Univercity of Iceland, Reykjavík 1993.  After graduation Gunnar joined the Icelandic financial sector, as a broker and in risk management, in internal auditing and as a fund manager at Icelandic pension funds.  Gunnar joined EON in 2010 and has been the managing director of the firm as well as managing projects of a larger scale.

EON -  the architecture.

"EON Manifesto":
EON architecture is strongly related to the layers of information connected to each project we design and we build.
Each project is a manifesto and a tribute to its site, to its role and to its owner/the client.
EON architecture emphasizes the important threads between architecture and environmental issues. The goal is to combine contemporary architecture with environmental issues in relation to style and history. Thus being related to the distinctions and the history in general in our projects is of great importance to us.
EON architecture represent the creativity and design of fabulous spaces and built structures and intends to contribute high quality architecture worldwide.
The design of buildings must be able to adapt to increased and developed demand of technology of the future, but yet preserving their quality and characteristic


EON architects / EON architecture was established in Iceland in December 1999, since then we have worked on various projects

mostly in Iceland and Scandinavia.   Work spans from bigger buildings (Offices of Parliament, Reykjavik City Square), to smaller buildings (country houses) to design tasks (such as designing of furniture and lights). 

City buildings, Country buildings, offices, museums, large residencial houses, city residencial, country houses, interior projects such as offices, restaurant, apartments, other design, lights furniture.  

The firm has won major design awards and has been recgonized globally for built projects.. Notable projects include House of Shapes, Large residential project built in Iceland and Mt Hekla Museum,, a geological museum at the roots of the volcano, Mt Hekla, in Iceland.

Most noticable awards:

BestOfTheYear AWARDS, NY, 1st price for two projects.  NY, USA, December 2014
1st price for Large residential houses: House of Shapes
1st price for Museums and Exhibitions for Mt Hekla Museum

WAN awards, 2015, London UK.  shortlisted for

Large residential houses: House of Shapes
Museums and Exhibitions for Mt Hekla Museum

Awards for best of the year large residential, HOUSE OF THE YEAR, KÓPAVOGUR-GR. REYKJAVIK, August 2015.



Number of articles in Newspapers and Magasines in Iceland.

Numerous oline media coverage.

Publications by Phaidon Press:  Black- Architecture in Monocrome, pbl.

A&C publication Seoul, 2015 and 2016, for Mt Hekla Museum and for House of Shapes.

L4 House Design no6, 2016 on House of Shapes.

Architecture & Culture:   No. 426, 2016 on Mt Hekla Museum.

Interior Design: Decade of design: The Best Projects past 10 years, by Sandow Publishing, 2016.

Architectural Diagest, on Mt Hekla Museum.

Harmonies Magazine, on House of Shapes, 2016.


Number of articles and presentations online, different architecture media.

Arch Daily,

Architizer, projects presented as  the day numerous times.


And much more found online, in google, pinterest, you Tube etc.....

EON architecture

no.3 Smáratorg, 14th floor, Kópavogur 210, Iceland

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