Publication: note, this list is not complete, just few ex. of media coverage

from EONS first projects in Iceland until today.  There have been number of articles and media coverage on our projects  in Newspapers and Magasines in Iceland. see link.

Numerous oline media coverage. On line House of Shapes by EON architecture Iceland and Mt Hekla Museum by EON architecture have been very popular on architectural platforms and pages


Publications by Phaidon Press:  Black- Architecture in Monocrome, pbl.

A&C publication Seoul, 2015 and 2016, for Mt Hekla Museum and for House of Shapes.

L4 House Design no6, 2016 on House of Shapes.

Architecture & Culture:   No. 426, 2016 on Mt Hekla Museum.

Interior Design: Decade of design: The Best Projects past 10 years, by Sandow Publishing, 2016.

Architectural Diagest, on Mt Hekla Museum.

Harmonies Magazine, on House of Shapes, 2016.


Number of articles and presentations online, different architecture media.

Arch Daily,

Architizer, projects presented as  the day numerous times.


And much more found online, in google, pinterest, you Tube etc.....

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